татьяна вишневския moscu arquitectura historia

In the interiors included in this volume, light, form, colour and texture get ride of the superfluousness in order to materialize pure spaces. Pictures in full colour in a small format book and great content. From the same collection: Hoteles, Banos, Cafes arquitectura e interiores, Casas, Oficinas, Chill out arquitectura e interiores, Diseno de casas, Diseno de interiores, Casas junto al agua, Gaudi, Hoteles, Small homes, Houses design, Interiores minimalistas, Lofts, Minimalism architecture, Arquitectura minimalista, Oficinas, Pequenos espacios domesticos, Piscinas, Legorreta & Legorreta, Restaurantes arquitectura e interiores, Restaurantes con terraza. Text in English, Spanish

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