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The textbook "Cell Biology" has been created by the composite authors of the department of Biology and General Genetics of the First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University) according to Biology course for medical students. The authors used only up-to-date information on cell biology. The manual covers materials on cytology, taking into account the latest achievements in this field of biology. They are based on a long-term experience of teaching theoretical and practical course of cytology at the department. The edition represents materials of lectures and practical classes for students, and includes information related to the general structure of the cell, its chemical composition, metabolism and energy conversion occurring on cellular level. The chapter on cell fission deals with all the aspects related to cell necrosis and apoptosis, cell cycle, and its regulation. The chapter on the reproduction of organisms describes various ways of sexual and asexual reproduction, gametogenesis. The manual is distinguished by a clear structure of material’s presentation. It also contains a lot of illustrations (figures, diagrams, tables), which makes the information more apprehensible and structured. You can find control questions for self-testing at the end of each chapter. First of all, the textbook is set for foreign students of medical universities. In addition, it can be useful for specialists and high readership.

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