cynthia reese where love grows

Sons and Lovers «Groundbreaking! The Sons and Lovers series will enthrall you.» – bestselling author Suzanne ForsterAN ELIGIBLE BACHELOR…Reese Marchand always knew when a woman wanted him. And Beth Langdon did – or at least he sensed she wanted something from him. When it came to women, Reese thought he could handle it all, but beautiful Beth went to his head like the finest champagne – the wine of weddings.STARTS TO HEAR WEDDING BELLS…Beth delighted him – both in and out of the bedroom – and Reese found he wanted to make provocative Ms. Langdon «Mrs. Marchand.» But beneath her satin skin and warm eyes lurked a secret, one he was determined to uncover – as long as his own secrets stayed firmly hidden. Sons and Lovers: Three brothers denied a father's name, but granted the gift of love from three special women.

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