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The monograph is devoted to a problem of production and sale of the concentrating and mountain equipment. The economic evaluation of production and sale is opened in the following sequence. The economic essence of the concept «insolvency» of the entity is stated. The reasons of risk of insolvency, its role in diagnostic approaches to solvency analysis of the entity, are called and analysed possibilities of a risk assessment of insolvency of the entity. By means of assessment of a condition the model of the analysis and a risk assessment of insolvency of the entity, an algorithm of its application in the analysis of machine-building enterprise is developed. Assessment of a condition of production and sale is carried out based on huge statistical material on influence of structure and structure of current assets on solvency of machinebuilding enterprise, liquidity of balance and assessment of liquidity and efficiency of cash flows for strengthening and optimization of activities. With use of integration of methods approbation of an analysis technique and a risk assessment of insolvency of machine-building enterprise is carried out and the possibilities of its optimization are considered. In an analysis result, assessment and developed offers the management concept is formulated by liquidity of machine-building enterprise and decrease in risk of insolvency, the principles of its forming and the mechanism of implementation are shown.

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