eat drink and be merry in maryland

Paris map & guide 1:17 000 (1 cm - 170 m). Size: 68x45 cm, when folded: 9.6x22 cm. Laminated, durable and easy to use map of miniprzewodnikiem. The unique combination of maps and guide. All necessary information for a short trip. Practically, concisely and to the point. What to see and how to get there. Handy format, indestructible formula (to be published in full laminated). For the busy and appreciate the simplicity and functionality. Convenient map with rich content on a scale convenient for tourists, in addition: Metro scheme property descriptions and addresses of dozens of the most interesting places to visit (all numbered consecutively, and the numbers marked on the map) useful practical information: public transport, weather, phone numbers advice on where to eat and drink, where to go shopping calendar of interesting events.

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