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* Completely updated for all the new tax laws * Capitalize on every deduction! * Sole proprietor, corporation, or partnership? The Ultimate Guide to Running a Tax-Efficient Home-Based Business The advantages of operating a home-based business are countless, but what many owners don't realize, and are often not prepared to handle, are the host of complex tax issues surrounding a home-based business. The completely updated Fifth Edition of J.K. Lasser's Taxes Made Easy for Your Home-Based Business clarifies the current tax environment with regard to home-based businesses, and shows you how to make the most of the new tax laws. This perennial guide answers home-based business owners' questions, with a special focus on the changing tax laws and deductions for the home office. Expert advice and in-depth insights will help you avoid costly mistakes and take advantage of opportunities you would otherwise miss. Critical coverage will help you: * Navigate the details of the new tax laws and IRS rules * Increase your knowledge of deductible expenses * Keep your records up to IRS standards * Organize and run a home-based business for maximum tax benefits * Make filing easy by utilizing sample tax forms

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