how to respond to hazardous chemical spills

Enables chemical engineers to use mathematics to solve common on-the-job problems With its clear explanations, examples, and problem sets, Applied Mathematics and Modeling for Chemical Engineers has enabled thousands of chemical engineers to apply mathematical principles to successfully solve practical problems. The book introduces traditional techniques to solve ordinary differential equations as well as analytical methods to deal with important classes of finite-difference equations. It then explores techniques for solving partial differential equations from classical methods to finite-transforms, culminating with??numerical methods??including orthogonal collocation. This Second Edition demonstrates how classical mathematics solves a broad range of new applications that have arisen since the publication of the acclaimed first edition. Readers will find new materials and problems dealing with such topics as: Brain implant drug delivery Carbon dioxide storage Chemical reactions in nanotubes Dissolution of pills and pharmaceutical capsules Honeycomb reactors used in catalytic converters New models of physical phenomena such as bubble coalescence Like the first edition, this Second Edition provides plenty of worked examples that explain each step on the way to finding a problem's solution. Homework problems at the end of each chapter are designed to encourage readers to more deeply examine the underlying logic of the mathematical techniques used to arrive at the answers. Readers can refer to the references, also at the end of each chapter, to explore individual topics in greater depth. Finally, the text's appendices provide additional information on numerical methods for solving algebraic equations as well as a detailed explanation of numerical integration algorithms. Applied Mathematics and Modeling for Chemical Engineers is recommended for all students in chemical engineering as well as professional chemical engineers who want to improve their ability to use mathematics to solve common on-the-job problems.

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