kara lennox an honorable man

Lawyer Lennox Kemp’s newly-wed happiness is slowly being eroded by a series of anonymous threats. Is it an aggrieved past client? A criminal he has helped put away?His friend Detective Inspector John Upshire points out that there is a multiplicity of enemies from which to choose. But then a colleague of Kemp’s is murdered and Lennox is convinced that he was the intended victim. Weighed down by guilt, he feels disinclined to investigate the matter further, so it is left to his feisty wife Mary to follow the confusing clues.Is the murder connected to the anonymous threats and sabotage attempts against Kemp? or does it relate to the victim’s own affairs? A mysterious commission in London, an arrogant property dealer, an unbalanced young woman, are only some of the elements of the mystery which Mary must disentangle. But is she on the right path? And will Lennox regain his interest in the affair before another murder is committed?The return of Lennox Kemp, M. R. D. Meek’s popular lawyer sleuth, is an intricate and suspenseful puzzler that will delight his many fans.

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