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This Junior Language Portfolio is your property. You can choose what to include in it. It is a tool to accompany your learning of languages throughout your school life and is suitable for documenting your learning when you are changing schools, moving to another level with a different teacher or when you are moving to another country. In practice, portfolios may include projects or other examples of written language work, computer diskettes (with some work or drawings completed inside or outside the class), video cassettes (with your favourite story or with performances of songs, school plays, etc), CDs (with songs performed by you, etc), certificates, reports from the teachers, or even a collection of objects or pictures. It is a collection of what you want to keep as evidence of what you are learning through the medium of the English language. The main emphasis is on the process of learning. You need a dossier where you will be able to keep all the work of your choosing. It is a good idea to keep your work neat and tidy so that it is well organised and will endure for the remainder of your school life. Every time something new is added to the dossier, record it. When you start working on a new level, make a new section in the folder. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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