new inside out advanced workbook cd rom

Impact helps teenage learners better understand themselves, each other and the world they live in. By encouraging self-expression, global citizenship and active participation, Impact motivates students to explore who they are and who they want to be - all while learning English! The Impact Lesson Planner, with Audio CD, Teacher's Resource CD-ROM and DVD provides everything needed to successfully plan, teach and supplement lessons. The Lesson Planner includes: - Step-by-step instructions for carrying out lessons - A detailed Scope and Sequence listing all learning and language objectives - Point-of-use teaching tips for using all Impact materials - Answer keys for the Student's Book and Workbook - Student's Book audio scripts - An MP3 Audio CD containing all Student's Book audio - A Teacher's Resource CD-ROM, with printable resources, including video scripts and extension activities - A Classroom DVD containing all Student's Book video.

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