ohanian gravitation

Philosophers are familiar with the words of Bertrand Russell, that philosophy takes neutral field between science and theology. Many researchers are trying to actualize this position. But we have to keep in mind that many of the scientific and philosophical concepts are grasped intuitively. For example, there is the concept of gravitation. How to understand it? After much deliberation we have to grasp the basic - "all bodies are attracted to each other." But the question "why" is often left unanswered. Mechanism of the process and nature of the forces, involved in it, are not clear. They say that there is the gravitational field, but they cannot "catch" the carriers of this field "gravitons". The same can be asked - what is hidden behind the concepts of "God", "Objective reality", "Existence", "Being", "Nirvana", etc. It seems that mankind throughout its existence, will answer these questions, they are eternal.

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