renee roszel her mistletoe husband

The wedding pretense…When Lucy Crosby's ex-fiancé came to town, parading his new bride-to-be for all the world to see, she longed to wipe the smug smile off his face once and for all. But presenting the disturbingly attractive Jack Gallagher as her own new fiancé was definitely not what Lucy had in mind. Nor was undergoing a fake wedding ceremony–another of stepbrother Jack's bright ideas.His performance as her doting husband was certainly inspired–he even had Lucy half convinced he was in love with her. But had the whole pretense been a mistake? Because now that they were on their fake honeymoon, Lucy found herself suddenly wishing it was all for real!ENCHANTED BRIDES–Wanted: three dream husbands for three loving sisters."The D'Amour myth and an absolutely wonderful heroine make this story superb."–Rendezvous on To Marry a Stranger

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