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The winners showcased in this book represent the painstaking efforts, energy and creativity of thousands of designers around the world. Judges selected the best of the best at the 27th Edition Best of Newspaper Design™ creative competition, and SND presents the winning images here for all to view, admire and study. In the competition for 2005, judges did not award any Gold Medals, a first in SND history. To receive a Gold Medal, all five judges on a team must agree an entry deserves the honor, a feat none achieved this year. Gold Medal winners must embody state of the art, push the limits of creativity and lack almost nothing. Judges did not find that perfect entry this year. However, judges deemed the thousands of entries worthy of awards in 19 other categories. Two publications were named the World's Best-Designed Newspapers™ for 2005. The Silver Medal, awarded to 48 entries, was the highest award given to 2005 entries in general judging. Granted for work that exceeds excellence, the Silvers embody technical proficiency expanding the limits of the medium. These entries shine. The Award of Excellence, given for truly exceptional work, went to the 1,077 entries that surpassed mere technical or aesthetic competency. The award appropriately honors entries for being daring or innovative if they are outstanding but not perfect in every respect. "Be tough, but fair," judges were told. Unless otherwise noted, all winners in the book are Awards of Excellence. Judges gave 10 Judges' Special Recognition awards. This honor is bestowed by a team of judges or by all judges for work that is outstanding in a certain aspect but not necessarily singled out by an Award of Excellence or a Silver or Gold award. The special recognition does not replace an Award of Excellence, Silver or Gold. The JSR is a complement to other awards. Competition judges made the tough calls among many distinguished entries. Thus you can enjoy hundreds of examples of the best newspaper design in 2005. We hope the winners will inspire and motivate you to excel in all areas, especially news design.

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