the book of ultimate truths

Praise for The Ultimate Sales Managers' Guide «Klymshyn not only understands this great profession, he relates the passion and fun of managing sales people in this wonderful guide. We have waited for this for some time.» —Rand Sperry, cofounder, Sperry Van Ness, Commercial Real Estate Advisors «This book reminds us that we can never invest enough time and effort to reward and recognize the sales effort of our team. I think the importance of this is shared in this book and, if followed, can only lead to a strong and successful sales culture in any organization.» —Jim Keenan, President and CEO, Spherion (Canadian Operations) «In thirty-two years of selling and managing the sales process, I found The Ultimate Sales Managers' Guide to be the most complete collection of sales truths. It goes beyond the simple clichés to the heart of the issue, which is what drives and motivates the successful sales mind.» —Andy Anderson, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Destination Hotels & Resorts «Klymshyn not only throws the challenge out there to sales managers to be the 'ultimate sales manager,' he shows us how to get there, step by step.» —Paula Kutka, Editor in Chief, staffdigest magazine «Outstanding! This book is a bible for sales managers. It provides a foundation for anyone to build a winning team.» —Tim Pulte, Executive Managing Director, GVA Smith Mack

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