the cinderella rules

Infamous, controversial and (more importantly) proven to be successful, The Complete Book of Rules is the full, uncensored guide to finding, getting and keeping your dream man.Brought together in a single book for the first time, this volume contains very best advice from both The Rules and The Rules 2: the bestselling books that formed a global phenomenon and revolutionised dating practices around the world.The Complete Book of Rules is the ultimate guide to successful dating, written for women refuse to settle for anything other than the best in life – women like you.The straight-talking, no-nonsense advice and the practical tips in this handbook are as successful as they are controversial. They have changed the lives of women across the world. Now you can be one of them.You’ll be amazed at how effective simple techniques can be – such as:• Don’t call him – he’ll want you more• Always end the date first – he’ll feel desperate for more contact• Never accept a Saturday night date after Wednesday – he’ll call you sooner• End the telephone conversation first – he’ll call you back• Don’t rush into sex – let his passion build, and it’ll last longer.With Rules to cover every situation, from online dating to how to turn a friend into a boyfriend, The Complete Book of Rules is the savvy woman’s dating companion that will last a lifetime.

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