the new gilded age

Praise for H. Paul Jeffers Diamond Jim Brady: Prince of the Gilded Age «One of the most entertaining historical business narratives in recent memory. The story of this symbol of America's Gilded Age is filled with such gusto and vigor that even hardcore business readers will be swept away.» -Publishers Weekly «Superb historical biography of one of the more colorful characters in American history . . . spirited. . . . Jeffers deftly weaves together intriguing stage-setting explanations of the age of robber barons, the crash of 1893, and that unforgettable era of unbridled wealth for the few in 1890s New York. As this marvelous story reveals, Brady's lavish lifestyle embodies America's Gilded Age. Highly recommended for all libraries.» -Library Journal An Honest President: The Life and Presidencies of Grover Cleveland «A well-written and timely book that reminds us of Grover Cleveland's courage, commitment, and honesty at a time when these qualities are so lacking in so much of American politics.» -James MacGregor Burns, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award Colonel Roosevelt: Theodore Roosevelt Goes to War, 1897–1898 «A handsome narrative of a crucial period in the career of one of our country's most colorful politicians.» -Publishers Weekly

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